This code of conduct & all other rules apply to everyone including the leadership team.  By being a part of the guild in some capacity you acknowledge these rules and will follow them to the best of your ability.  If you need clarification or have questions or even see something we may have missed please reach out to an officer so that we can discuss further.

While we encourage everyone to read the detailed code below, our code of conduct can largely be summarized into the following basic common sense rules:

  • Be kind and respectful to others, both inside and outside the guild
  • Trigger topics such as Race, Religion, Politics, SA, etc are prohibited in guild chat, ending chat, and other public spaces (discord text and voice, etc). 
  • No ERP or other sexual activity or discussion in public guild spaces (guild chat, ending chat, discord). 

Comply with SWTOR Rules of Conduct

Section I – Healthy Communications / Environment

Be respectful of your fellow members at all times.  Everyone is different, with different personalities and experiences, we need to be mindful and respect that.  Any language that disparages or discriminates against any person or group is expressly forbidden.  This is including the following but is not limited to:





We have a zero tolerance policy for any form of harassment or bullying.   As a result, other communications in public or private that is not acceptable is:

Personal Attacks / Insults

Name Calling



Manipulation / Lying

Listen to each other.  Even if it means telling someone you need to walk away from the conversation at the moment to revisit.  That allows you clarity and breathing room while they can still air their feelings or vice versa.  It’s ok to say “I need time to digest this”, or “I need to have clarification”.  We need to help each other and build each other not break each other.
IMPORTANT NOTE:  We cannot stress this enough if you are experiencing any harassment or bullying with people inside or even outside of guild please take screenshots and submit a ticket in discord or let one of our Senate members know.  We take harassment and bullying very seriously even if it is not within our own guild and we will not hesitate to help resolve this for you.  Exile’s End/Outcast’s End is a safe and inclusive space for everyone.

Section II – Restricted Topics

With all of this said there are certain topics that are strictly off limits to discuss on discord or publicly in the guild.  If you want to discuss and debate privately our rules do still apply.  The following topics are off limits in public conversations:



Please address potential sensitive topics with great care and respect..  Abuse, assault and self harm are some of those topics.  You never know if the person on the other end of the keyboard has been impacted by those experiences, and that person may not be the person you are actively talking to.   While we are here to support and help one another, these are not topics to make light of, and (if you choose to discuss them at all) are best discussed in a one on one private setting with both people consenting to discuss the topic.  If you are a victim or survivor of abuse and would like help and support, please reach out to leadership so that we can help you find resources in your area.