This is the first operation that was introduced to us. You’ll find the door to enter into this operation on the fleet. 

You can get there by taking the Mission Departure elevator to take yourself to the interfleet section. There, you can take the speeder to the Gav Daragon. 

Once your speeder reaches that section, you’ll notice there’s another elevator to take, you’ll take the one that says, “Gav Daragon Mission Deck.”  You’ll mount up and head to the southern section of the map to where you’ll see the “Belsavis Operations Hangar.”

Annihilation Droid Xrr-3

This is the first boss into the operation. Xrr-3 is a very straight forward boss with a few noticeable mechanics that if avoided, could very well make your healers job stressful. Let’s get into Mechanics for this boss fight.


Perimeter Defense Cannons: 2 turrets with 1 being on the left and one being on the right before the initial pull of the boss. 

Missile Salvo: Boss will crunch down and starts to channel for 25 seconds dealing AoE damage. 

Storm Protocol: Targets random raid members with small red circles. Will deal damage after a few seconds of dropping.

Overwhelming Strike: a conal knockback that swipes the current target back 45 meters.

Cannonade: A damage over time affect that’s applied onto the tank with aggro following Overwhelming strike. (Hard mode)

Shockwave: Boss will stun all raid members within 20m. 

Overwhelming Swipe: 360-degree knockback to everyone that is within 20 meters. 

Burn Phase/Enrage: a enrage that starts around 10% and will use the Shockwave & Overwhelming strike until. After that will execute Missile Salvo until the boss is defeated.


Opener/Perimeter Defense Cannons

The actual fight with the annihilation droid doesn’t even start until you deal with the 2 Defense Cannons

Once you walk up the ramp the fight will be engaged with 2 of the turrets. 1 being on the left, and then the other on the right. 

Dealing with the turrets are very simple. These turrets are higher up you may not be able to reach them. In that case, there will be 4 smaller clickable Power Cells that you can target and defeat to do damage to the cannons. 

Once cannons are defeated, shortly after the Annihilation Droid will roll on out.

Annihilation Droid XRR-3

Once the boss comes out, the tank will start this encounter. Below is the setup of where we’ll stand for this encounter.

100% – 50% 

When fight is engaged, tanks should be facing the boss towards the door so DPS can avoid receiving the 

knockback cleave. After Overwhelming Strike, the tank should immediately run back and taunt if aggro is lost. 

The next mechanic should be the Overwhelming/shockwave combination. 

This also means everyone within 20 meters would be stunned and knocked back.

If the ranged raiders are 20+ meters, they won’t receive a knockback or stun. 

Missile Salvo should come next. This is the most dangerous mechanic of the fight. 

Everyone will be required to group up underneath the boss to receive AoE healing. It’s also 

important to use a DCD if necessary.  Once the channel is completed, feel free to return to your position!

50% – 10% 

Around 50% you’ll start to see Storm Protocol. At this point, you’ll start to see small circles under your feet. 

You’ll want to step out of those quickly as they do high damage, and it’ll make your healer’s job difficult. 

10%/Burn phase

At 9% – 10%, will engage the soft enrage or what you’d call the burn phase. 

The raid group will want to get back underneath the boss. The group will see a continuous version of 

Missile Salvo until the boss is defeated. Raid buffs, adrenals, and DCD’s will become very effective at this point.

Let’s break down this fight by role.


The tank grabs XRR and stands with their back facing the corner of the door. The reason for this is because of the Overwhelming Strike mechanic. The knockback is 45 meters so it would be better for you and the group if you only got knocked back into the door.

If you have another tank, they would be able to grab the boss as the current tank would receive the knockback. Tanks should also stand with the group during Missile Salvo & Storm Protocol for AoE healing.

Other than managing the knockback and your DCD’s, this is a very straightforward encounter.


Melee DPS will stand behind the boss, only because if you stand with the tank you would also receive the knockback. You should also be prepared to be stunned and knocked back periodically. As you get knocked back you can run/leap back to the boss.

Ranged DPS should stand 20 meters from the boss at all times except for the Missile Salvo mechanic. This way you can avoid the knockback mechanic.


Healers would also stand 20 meters except for AoE heals during Missile Salvo. You should also be prepared to heal keep tanks topped off before knockbacks as they’ll be out of range once knocked into the wall. Be prepared for big heals just in case raiders don’t step out of the Storm protocol’s red circles.